about happyjaxx

HAPPYJAXX is fast-casual restaurant concept serving up Health & Happiness . . . and making money while we're at it. We understand how everyday food choices contribute to Our Health & Happiness as Individuals and as a Community. 

We also understand how eating "Healthy" is often portrayed in conflict with eating what we crave, eating "HAPPY". The HAPPYJAXX approach to this conflict is simple: If everyday we make vegetables the largest portion of our meals then we are free to have what we crave.

Why complicate every meal with debate about its Health or Happiness when following a simple philosophy of Veg-Centric Meals allows one to have both Health & Happiness?



HAPPYJAXX is anyone who wants to eat Healthy without sacrificing their cravings, their Happiness.

We Are What We Eat. This is a fact. If everyday we eat only what we crave then over time we harm our Health. We cannot be Happy without our Health. If everyday we treat the pleasures of food as our enemy then over time we harm our Happiness. We cannot be Healthy without our Happiness.

HAPPYJAXX has figured out the best path is not to choose Health or Happiness but to balance healthy choices with what we crave. This is what makes a HAPPYJAXX.