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HAPPYJAXX is always looking to build strong and lasting employment relationships.  We offer short and longer term employment opportunities with a base-wage ($9-$14/HR) plus performance compensation (TIPS) and flexible shifts (5 hour min).  We operate from 8am til 10/11pm seven days a week. Whether you have three months or more to commit, HAPPYJAXX is interested in hearing from you. No restaurant or food service experience required. 

HAPPYJAXX is in the food-service industry where everyday we interact with the general public and fellow employees. As our name implies we look to provide products and service that inspires happiness. Our employment opportunities better serve individuals that enjoy interacting with others.  If you have not worked in food service please understand the nature of this type of work is very active and physical with each position requiring a sense of urgency, speed, accuracy, safety, cooperation and many hours on your feet. 

If you are interested please contact us through the form below to start the conversation but note that you must be able to work at least two weekends per month to be considered for employment.

We are looking to fill the following positions:

service manager (sm)

Service Managers (SM) are in charge of the customer service experience, customer order fulfillment, vendor stall inventory, prep list creation, food and beverage prep and vendor stall management. This position requires the ability to work with and manager others and to see that our customers have the type of experience that encourages them to return again and again. This position also requires POS training and cash handling responsibilities. SM positions require a work schedule commitment of at least 20 hours per work week (5 hr. shift min). SM must be available to work at least two weekends per month and both day and evening shifts. Starting wage for SM is $11/HR plus TIPS.


Production Manager (PM) manages all food and beverage production and must have food production experience. The PM is essentially a kitchen manager (sous chef) position with all of the responsibilities associated with managing the production of food. A food Manager/Handler Certificate from the State of Louisiana is preferred.  Click here to be taken to Louisiana Department of Health.  PM's responsibilities include producing all food and beverages made in house by following precise recipes, managing food and beverage inventory, placing and checking in food delivery orders, stocking service line and working on service line during busy times.  The PM position requires a professional commitment of 30 TO 40 hours per week for 50 weeks per year (4-DAY work week schedule is possible). PM work week has some flexibility but generally will be scheduled to work Thursday to Tuesday - PM will be scheduled to work most weekends. PM must work most weekends Starting wage for PM is $13/HR plus performance compensation.

service line COOK (slC)

Service Line Cook (SLC) take customers orders and payment, prepare and assemble the customers order, wash dirty equipment, keep vendor stall clean and stocked, deliver food to the customer in the dining area, perform minor prep using knives and other cutting tools. SLC positions require a work schedule of at least 20 hours per week (5 hr. shift min.) SLC cooks schedules must include at least two weekends per month and both day and evening shifts. Starting wage for SLCs is $9 plus performance compensation (TIPS).


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